Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book Review - Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison

This book is so cute and hilarious. Today when I went to work I had about 100 pages to go but I had to put it down and get my booty out the door. I thought about it (the book, not my booty) all day.

It's the story of 13 year old young lady who is very unique. She lost her father two years ago but has an upbeat attitude about life and the situations she finds herself in. She has a serious lack of tact which makes for many awkward incidents. She also loves to dress up in what she calls disguises, after all she is an investigator. I picture Junie B. Jones a little more grown up.

In this adventure ( I saw another Gilda book at the library! I can't wait to check it out.) she makes her way to San Francisco to visit some relatives she has never met and she quickly gets herself all up in their personal business.

I found this book in the young adult section at the library. That and the fact that the main character is 13 makes me think that this book has a target audience of 10 - 16 year olds. However, I'm not so sure I would let my child read this book. Besides the fact that Gilda lies, (which she totally recognizes as a problem and wrong, and she has pledged to make any lie that slips out come true) there are very grownup subjects such as suicide as one of the main topics of the story. Also there were several swears, which I found pretty disappointing. If this cute, fun, comedy has that kind of stuff in it, I find myself wondering what else is out there lurking in the Young Adult section.


KordelandHeather said...

I read that book just a little while ago and I loved it! I actually get most of the books from the Young Adult section of the Lehi Library. What does that say about me? Not very literate...but still loves to read!

Julie J. said...

Heather - Didn't you love that letter she wrote to her frriend Wendy after she found out about the chubby boyfriend. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...