Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blogger Etiquette

I was going to keep this between myself, Matt and Becky, but since I have been egged on with rude comments in my comment section , it's all coming out.

I think there are certain rules governing socially acceptable behavior in our blogging world. If you commit to a blog you have a responsibility not to let your readers down. The rules are not hard. And to be honest, as the blogger Nazi (as Becky has dubbed me), I have only one rule. That is that your entries go no longer than four days apart. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is for some.
As for a vote..... I assume this comment was referring to the fact that I am a self appointed blogger etiquette police. If you want the voice of the people heard then vote on the poll to the right, which, by the way, Matt told me to put up, because we were wondering. And as you all can see most people agree that more often is better.


Jeanna said...

I'm with you on this one Julie. If you aren't going to provide the reading public with a new tidbit every 3-4 days then what are you doing blogging? Come on people! This goes for both Matt and Becky as I check both their blogs multiple times a day. But I am a little bit obsessive about blogging. But still. I want to hear from them. This is a compliment.

Julie J. said...

Jeanna- You are SPOT ON! It is a total compliment when someone tells you they want you to blog more often.

Julie J. said...

FYI- The poll is closed, but I wanted to document the results.
2- Matt's perfect the way he is.
8- Matt needs to blog more often.
The people have spoken.

KordelandHeather said...

I'm sorry, guilty as charged, I am not a good blogger. I guess I should quit now while I'm still over a month behind! But may I suggest to you and your readership so that time is not wasted constantly checking people's blogs. Please OPEN a google reader account. It will save you so much time!

Anonymous said...