Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quiz on my all time favorite movie: Goonies.

1. What does the jail warden say at the very beginning of the movie?
2. Name all of the Goonies.
3. What is the name of the "bad guys"?
4. How did Brand earn money for his bike?
5. Why does Brand still need a bike?
6. What does Chunk say the bullet holes found in a ORV are as big as.?
7. Fill in the blank: "___________ _________?! Are you crazy?!"
8. Where does Goonies take place?
9. What is the name of the cleaning lady who is there to help the Walsh family pack?
10. What is the name of Chunk's dance?
11. What is the name of the Pirate?
12. Where do they get the money to save the Goondocks? I'm looking for a specific place.
13. What is in Chunks attic?
14. What is the name of the Pirate's Ship?
15. What is the name of the reclusive scavenger?
16. What does Mouth say to let his friends know someone is there?
17. Where does Brand say his mommy is?
18. What does Steph say about being in the basement?

Answer in the comments section....if you can.


Jeanna said...

confession: I have never seen goonies and when Harold and I rented it to watch with the kiddies, there was so many language issues we had to stop it. sorry I couldn't participate.

Matthew Johnson said...

Ok, I got like 4.............

Quiz me about Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and then I'll kick some tail..........

Kim said...

It's been way too long. Did you just come up with those questions off the top of your head? That's either amazing or really scary! :)

Julie J. said...

I came up with them off the top of my head, but you gotta know that I watched it with my siblings like twice a day for at least a year and probably everyday after that for five years. And yeah, it has a ton of cuss words. Sometimes I'm surprised my mom let us watch it.... but I let Sam watch it all the time. So much for mother of the year.

Becky said...

1. "The longer you animals wait, the colder your lunch gets. 'Do you really think I be stupid enought to kill myself?' Kill myself?"

2. Brand, Stephanie, Andy, Mikie, Mouth, Chunk, Data

3. The Fertellis

4. Over 400 lawn mower jobs.

5. Because mouth flattened the tires.

6. Motzaballs!

7. Slick Shoes!?!?!

8. Astoria, OR

9. Rosalita

10. Truffle Shuffle

11. One Eyed Willie

12. Mikie's marble bag has rubies in it and Rosalita finds them.

13. Old Hanika decorations...I don't know how to spell Hanika.

14. One Eyed Willie's Ship (does it have a name?)

15. Chester Copperpot

16. "Jerk Alert!"

17. "Out at the Market buying pampers for all us kids."

18. "I feel like I'm babysitting except I'm not getting paid."

If these aren't right they are pretty darn close.

Anymore brain busters?

Becky said...

By the way that was totally off the top of my head. We totally watched that too much...makes me want to watch it now!

Reno Wells said...

I know you all did this months ago. I am the last to hear about everything since I am so far away so here is my atempt.

1.The longer you animals wait, the colder your lunch gets.
2.Miky, Data, Mouth, Chunk, Brand, Andy, and Steph
3.the Fertellies
4.Brain Fart
5.He flunked the drivers test
6.Matsa balls
7.hey Miky
8.Astoria, Oregon
10.The truffle shuffle
11.One-eyed willey
12.Mikys marble bag - Jewels from the pirate ship
13.Old CHunaka decorations
17.out buying pampers for all of us kids.
18. your head is in the clouds and we are in a basment.

Anonymous said...

14. The Pirate ship is the Inferno.

Anonymous said...

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