Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Book Review - The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Holy Cow! This was a good book! When I finished at 1:05 am (because I couldn't put it down despite being totally tired) I wanted to start over and read it again. My friend Kim, whose blog link is to the left, recommended this book to our Book Club and so we decided to read it for the month of January's discussion. I can not wait!
This is the story of a woman, Margaret, who loves to read. (Someone I can totally identify with.) But she only reads dead authors. She works in her fathers bookshop and is an amateur biographer. When she receives a letter from the most famous contemporary author of her time who wants Margaret to write her biography, things get interesting. The story within the story, the references to other books, and the character development make for a very intriguing read. The story is seriously strange, and I feel like I should warn about a bit of incest.... Nothing graphic though. And the twist at the end is a big surprise that I never saw coming and I'm usually pretty good at being able to predict what will happen, though I don't usually enjoy books that are too predictable. Go figure.

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