Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book Review - Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst

One word....Depressing. I had high hopes for this book because it was chosen by the Today Show for their Book Club.... It's about a linguist, who loses his wife to a mysterious death,which is ruled an accident, and the only witness is their dog. There are several incongruities that he is not comfortable with, so he decides to devote all his time and energy to teaching the dog to speak - to literally speak English, so that she can tell him the events of the day leading up to and including the "accident". While his reminiscing is touching and the book is extremely well written I couldn't get past the terrible truths and and outcome within. The book has at least two F-bombs, and some inappropriate sexual content.


Jeanna said...

Do you go to the library for all your books? How often do you get new books? How many do you check out at a time?

Julie J. said...

I do go to the library sometimes. And when I do I usually check out more than one book. I got this last one at DI. And I recently got a stack of books from one of my Aunts. Lately I have just been reading books for bookclub because that is all I have had time for. I'm reading Jane Austen now becacuse I got her complete works for Christmas from Mattypoo. But I'll read anything I can get my hands on.