Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Remembrance Walk at Thanksgiving Point

We were invited by the Bereavement Specialist at the hospital to a Remembrance Walk at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We go there at 8:30 am. As we walked out onto the patio there was a place for us to write down our baby's name. They had muffins and fruit and juice there for us. We ate and waited around and then they had a little program. Shared some thoughts and then someone read a ll the baby names.Then there was a moment of silence. There were a lot of people there. Then they set us free to roam the gardens. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. It was good for our family. 
 Here is Sam waiting for the program to start. He went up for a better view of the gardens.

Lola freaked out every time the sun got in her eyes, but she wouldn't keep her hat on, so Sam put it on and tried to show her how fun it is to wear. Still, she wouldn't wear it.

 The last peaceful moments before all heck broke loose and Lola became a total fiasco.

 About one minute after this picture was taken, Lola tried to walk right into the stream. Luckily her dad has long legs and reached her just before her foot hit the water. She was not happy with him.

 Here she is telling him all about how great it would have been to get wet. I'm sure she wanted to jump into this little pond too.

 Two seconds after I snapped this shot, Lola dove right into a rose bush.

Poor sad baby. The thorns got her good. 
 She wasn't very happy for the rest of the walk.
 Until I let her do this.... But then she was mad again when we stopped. So we strapped her back into her stroller where she should have been all along. She cried for about four minutes because she is an independent woman who doesn't like to be stifled or held back from her pursuits in any way.
 Then she passed out.

This is just one side of the damage. There is a serious scratch up the back of her arm. The rest of the walk was completely peaceful. Except for when Sam rolled down three different hills like the maniac that he is. I'll try to post videos but I haven't had any success posting videos from my new camera so far.


Sandy said...

Great pictures. I had to print one off for my office update.

Kathy said...

Nice you were able to be apart of that. And poor Lola's arm - did the roses do that? Owie.

Becky said...

Adorable. What a nice event. Sam is so mature. What the heck!

Becky said...

Well....he looks mature. Ok, he looks older than the last time I saw him.

Michelle said...

Lola is so stinkin CUTE!!