Thursday, February 2, 2012

R.I.P. Toby

 Prince Tobias Lee of the House of Wells (Toby) passed away today at the age of 13 years old (a.k.a. 91 dog years). His health had been declining for some time. He is survived by the Wells family, who brought him home from Singapore as a puppy and loved him dearly. He then moved in with Grandpa & Grandma Alger, who treated him like a son. Grandma will be able to eat her own chocolate now. Grandpa may need to visit grandsons to give bedtime treats. He was too noble to play fetch, but was not picky about the movies he watched. His midnight adventures with invisible intruders will now be replaced by new adventures as "all dogs go to heaven"

I stole that from Liz's facebook page...
Last night we had a memorial for Toby. It was sad and hilarious.
First we sang Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Then we each gave a tribute in one form or another. Here is our tribute:
Toby by Sam and Julie Johnson

I loved Toby so much
Though he loved us all
He did not do much

He barked at the neighbors dogs
He loved his blanket like no regular dog.

Toby thought he was tough
He’d bark at big dogs with might
Once, they got through the fence
And gave him a fight

Toby liked me
With his blanket we would race
But if I got near Grandma
He tried to bite off my face

When Grandma and Grandpa left
To a far off land
Toby came over
And pooped in our sand

Toby loved Camping
He rode in the truck
When he ran around
His fur filled with muck

He went to the groomer
Leela loved him, we know
She thought he was a girl
He always came home with a bow

At the end of the day
He wanted his treat
He would dance around
At Grandpa's feet

As Toby got old
There wasn’t much for him to do
When he went in the backyard
He liked to eat poo

Toby was fluffy
Toby was soft
But in the end
He peed on the floor oft

At age 91
The time had to come
Toby was put to sleep
His kidneys were done

Toby is gone
He will be missed
Grandma gets new carpet
She is pumping her fist

After the tributes we sang How Much Is That Doggie In The Window.


Shauna Klippel said...

Hi Julie, I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. We've never had one, but I know plenty of people that consider their pups one of the family.

It was fun to see our xmas card on your door! I would love to receive a xmas card from you. the more the merrier! It's so fun to see families grow, make changes etc. Speaking of growth, Kirk and I were so happy when your aunt Kathy told us you were so far a long with your daughter. She is a doll baby, so sweet. Take care,

My address is:

4647 Pinto River Court.
San Jose CA 95136

Becky said...

That...tribute poem................. was.......AWESOME!!!!

Mom called me today and told me all about the Toby Memorial. I'm so glad you posted the obituary from Liz's facebook because I hadn't seen it and when mom told me about it, I totally wanted to! And I'm glad you posted your poem. Mom said your poem was glorious and made her tear up.

Such appropriate songs too! ;-) W

What fun for such a solemn occasion.


Kathy said...

R I P Toby

The Wells said...

That made me cry again.