Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cage - January

 I have a little bird cage sitting on my book shelf. It's actually an owl cage. I'm a Harry Potter nut, remember.
I have a goal to put something different in the cage for each month this year. This is what I put in it in January. It's a monogrammed block of wood that we got for Christmas from Becky, Nathan and Marley Parley Pants. I think it looks good in the cage, but now I need to think of something else to put in there for February. I'm thinking something with a Valentine theme... Stay tuned...


Shauna Klippel said...

Julie, anything having to do with Harry Potter makes my children's heart flutter. They'd be happy if our whole house was Harry Potter theme.

I love that block-very hip and cute. The cage is great. I'm excited to see what you place into it next.

Take care,


Becky said...

We are honored that the block got to spend January in the cage. =)

I think you should find a cute heart ornament and hang it from the middle of the inside, for February. But, you better hurry!

For spring you should find some cool fake birds!

Kathy said...

I think for March you should put a Leprechaun or a pot of gold.

Sandy said...

For February you should imprison a 1 lb box of Sees Candy to be eaten at the end of February. Do you think you could wait that long?

Heather said...

A very cute idea!