Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Cards

 I love getting Christmas Cards. I love hearing from my friends and family, and getting updates on their lives. I love seeing pictures of the children or from trips they took during that year. I love that they thought of me and took the time to put my address on the envelope! I like to display our Christmas Cards on the closet door, which is just as you walk into our house. Today is February and I still haven't taken our Christmas Cards down, and I still wander over there and look at the cards and read the notes and letters. So fun!
Can you guess who sent us this one?

Yeah, that really happened! In-N-Out Burger totally sent us a Christmas Card!
 I have  a bit of guilt though. Which is strange for me because in general I don't feel guilt... Something is wrong with me, maybe I'm a sociopath? But I am feeling a bit guilty because I enjoy Christmas Cards so much but I haven't sent one out in five or six years now. Isn't that terrible? So, in an effort to prove I'm not a sociopath who feels entitled to Christmas Cards with out any type of reciprocity, I now vow to send out Christmas Cards in December of 2012. If you would like one then you need to email your address to me.


Sandy said...

Julie, your blog is the only one I have bookmarked. It has all the other ones I want to read. You could add a little more family though to your buttons.

Becky said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Mom is telling you how to run your blog so it's more convenient for her! She is so funny!

You have my address right?

I think I will send out our FIRST family Christmas card this year too! I have 11 months to save up the postage. ;-) That's the killer! But, like you I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting them. I totally need to reciprocate. (can't spell...sorry).

Love you!

Heather said...

A Christmas card from In-n-Out??!!! You really are amazing! :)