Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Fat Storm

Let me start with yesterday. It was warm..... Well, warmer than usual, and the snow was melting. The sun was shining and the piles of snow were getting smaller. This morning - same thing. Sunny, warmer than usual, dry roads.
This afternoon: The sun disappeared and snow started falling. By 4 pm I'd say it was a full on blizzard with major wind. And as of now- 8pm- it is white out conditions according to our weatherman. The road to my in-laws in closed. They are holed up in a hotel for the night. Staying in a hotel is fun, but I don't envy the digging they will have to do tomorrow just to find their house.
I am so not looking forward to going out in it tomorrow. According to KSL their are teachers and students stuck at several elementary schools in Alpine, which is the town I work in, but not in my school. We have been assured by the anchor woman that they are warm and have been fed. Ok, so they are living one of my nightmares. I'm really hoping for a snow day tomorrow = school canceled.


Jeanna said...

I knew there was a storm coming, but I was not prepared for this. I went to school today with cute little flats on my feet because I am so sick of wearing socks and cloddy shoes. When mom said they were at the hotel, I said Happy Valentines Day! I hope they are enjoying this. And no school tomorrow would be okay with me too.

Cote Corner said...

I said the same thing jeanna said to mom! "at least you got to get away for valentines day!" So it's 9:25 and Heather left her work to come home at 4!! She's still not home. I had to feed Kayla, get her in her jammies and put her to bed! But more than anything, I feel bad for Heather! That would SUCK! At least mom and dad are comfy in a hotel room! I can't wait for spring! we should throw a spring party once it arrives and we can tell it how much we missed it and beg it to stay!!

Reno Wells said...

We have a friend who lives in Eagle Mountain. I guess it took he and his wife 5 hours to get to the Smiths in Spanish springs last night. (She was working and he came in to get her.) I guess this drive is usually only a half hour. She got off work at 7pm but Dan couldn't get to her until about 10:30. Then they didn't get home until after 2 am. They are safe but wishing they didn't need ot go out in that.

Anonymous said...