Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sam's Christmas Concerts

This year, Sam had several concerts for the holiday season. First was a piano recital, which I forgot to take
my camera to. Luckily, Grandpa J took some video, so we'll have a copy of that soon.  I loved watching him play in his bow tie. In fact I got the giggles because he was so cute and looked so professional and did
such a great job. It was a really fun night.
  Next was his first band concert. I'm not sure where Sam is in the picture above, but the dude with the silver hair reminds me of a certain neighbor we had growing up... And check out that guy on the greenish sweater. He recorded the whole thing with his iPad. I could really use one of those. My birthday is March 30th for any of you wondering...
 In this picture you may or may not be able to pick Sam out of the line up of Trumpet players who are standing. He's in the line somewhere near the teacher standing at the mic. This whole concert was very cool for me and very nostalgic. PEPLOW!!!!

Here is my boy, leaving the stage with his trumpet.

And of course, there was the annual Christmas Sing at Sam's Elementary School. He sang so well and he looked so handsome.
Each of these nights I felt super proud of this kid. He is having such a great year at school and band and piano. He is improving in all and trying really hard at each, and keeping very busy. Plus he is a really fun kid to have around at home. We are so glad he is in our family!


Kathy said...

Yeah Sam!!

The Wells said...

I tried finding Peplow. Nowhere that I can find. I even asked Sarah M if she knew. Last she new was 12 years ago.

Becky said...

I meant to comment on this when I originally read this post. Sorry I didn't.

I am so impressed with Sam. I can't believe how old he is getting! I love that he is playing the piano AND the trumpet! So cool! AND love his boy tie!