Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas... a little late, I know.

The opening of the Jammies.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had lunch with the Alger and Wells families and then dinner, scriptures, and song with the Johnson, Nichols and Cote Families. And the poochie kins opened their traditional Christmas Eve Jammies.

 Lola's jammies are just about the cutest jammies I have ever seen. They have little monkeys on them doing girly things like being ballerinas and princesses. She looks so fuzzy and cozy in them too. I just want to squeeze her. And they have a little bit of sparkle on them... NOT GLITTER... SPARKLE.... I learned the hard way not to buy any clothes with GLITTER on it. That stuff comes off the clothes and get EVERYWHERE! 
 Here is Sammy boy in his Christmas Eve Jammies. His is a pair of Flannel pants with a Tony Hawk T-shirt. Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder. It was kind of and interesting coincidence because later that night, Santa brought Sam a rip stick, which is kind of like a skate board. He really liked his jammies.
 Lola really liked her jammies too, but you can't really tell from this picture.
Santa came and brought us some wonderful things. This is the traditional Loot Shot.
The poochie kins on Christmas morning.

This is Lola in her Christmas dress that she got from her brother. Look at his face. Doesn't he look so pleased and satisfied that she is going to wear his gift to church? More to come about this dress in a future post.


Becky said...

Lola is so cute! And I can't get over how big and mature Sam is looking. Those monkey jammies are SO cute. We know because Marley got jammies with that SAME monkey on them. Hers are pants and a shirt though. They are her favorite because they are SO soft and the monkeys are SO cute.

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas!

Love that Sam picked out a dress for his sister - looks the perfect Christmas dress for a little girl. He's a smart guy!