Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lola is 1! (Sob!)

Lola spent most of this photo shoot trying to pull the bow out of her hair.

Don't do it!

She spent a lot of time hugging the bear too.

And crawling away from me.

And throwing the bear.

I can't believe this girl is 1. She is really thinking she is a grown up lady. Yesterday, while I got her dressed she was laying on the changing table and looking at the hair bows hanging on the wall saying, "pretty, pretty." So, I put one in her hair and then carried her into the bathroom to see. She looked and smiled at herself and touched her hair and rested her fist under her chin for a good three minutes. It was hilarious.
Later, while we were downstairs I was folding some laundry and she was digging through the basket. Every time she found something that belonged to her she would try to put it on and then when that didn't work she would bring it to me. When I wouldn't put it on her she would throw a fit for a few minutes and then go back to the basket and look for something else and then start all over.


AndreaB said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! I can't believe she is 1 either!! I think we should do a 1 year old photo shoot =] complete with a birthday cake =] let me know what you think!

Love ya guys!

The Hungry said...

That last picture - Lola can't believe she's 1 either! So funny. Her posing in the mirror - love it. And her digging through the clothes - such a girly.

Love you all!

The Hungry said...
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The Yuan Fam said...

Ugh!!! Time goes by way too fast! I love all the pics of that sweet little Lola!!!

Becky said...

The first couple pictures I think she was posing! So funny! And I love how she can't leave the bear alone and hugs it and throws it...SO cute!

I love the picture of her showing her teeth while she smiles! Make her look so old though! I guess she is...dang! Why can't babies be babies for a couple of years!?!

Kami said...

Ha ha! I love the action shots!!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lola! She is so precious. Give her a big hug from her favorite cousin once removed!