Friday, April 1, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Well, it's April, so I thought I'd bust my St. Patrick's day post up. Finally.

It was all the usual shenanigans. Sam made a leprechaun trap.

I guess the idea was that the leprechaun would saunter up the tape... through the crepe paper, hippie curtain and fall in, getting stuck. There was no little man in there when we woke up, but he left a WHATCHAMACALLIT candy bar. I'd like to hear that said in an Irish accent. And I totally got trapped in all that tape, just walking by. I almost died. I was a little bitter about that and told Sam he probably would have caught the guy if he had used a Lucky Charms box instead of TRIX... I mean, isn't that a little obvious? Sam requested toast with peanut butter for breakfast and when no one was looking the leprechaun left his mark. Kinda spooky.
And here's my peeps in green.
I had to dig through the 6 months clothes for something green for Lola to wear. I'm seriously disturbed that my three month old fits in 6 month clothing.
And Lola is seriously disturbed by how much hairspray Sam is using on his hair these days.


Becky said...

you so funny! every other line is hilarity! I miss you guys. Even miss all the hair spray. ;-) Love you!

Heather said...

Those leprechauns were really out to get Sam that day! But I'm glad you survived the trap attack. :)