Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, today is the day we celebrate.... what is it again? Green? Leprechauns? Rainbows with pots of gold at the end? Cereal? Oh, I don't know.
Alls I know is I got pinched before I even got out of bed. The little white ninja suit I wear to bed didn't have any green on it so Sam pinched me. He pinches funny too. He puts his fingers together before he even touches his victim, then he pinches the tiniest bit of skin possible. That's not how I pinch. I grab a big hunk of skin and fat, right on the back of the arms and I wrench it between my fingers until my victim is on their knees crying. I got him good, because he wasn't wearing any green either.... What a dummy. Who goes around pinching people for not wearing green while not wearing green? Sam does, that's who.

Remember last year when Sam built this trap? This year he built one out of mega blocks. You know, big Lego's. So, he built it and then he proceeded to talk about it ALL NIGHT LONG. And as he talked, he stared me down. "Mom, come see my Leprechaun trap..." STARE. "Mom, do you think I'll catch a Leprechaun this year?" STARE. "Mom, do you think I should put something in it to attract the Leprechaun to it?" STARE. Then he stopped being subtle. "Mom, remember that Lego set the Leprechaun left me last year?" STARE. "I wonder if the Leprechaun will leave me something tonight." STARE. Walking backwards towards his room for bed, "Watch out for Leprechauns tonight!" STARE.

Now I KNOW he's too old for this stuff.

The Leprechaun got away, but seemed to have dropped some of his chocolate gold coins while escaping... I neglected to take any pictures.


Jeanna said...

I'm picturing your victim on his knees, writhing in pain. Nice visual. :)

I'm seriously considering asking my kids if I can be off the hook for Easter this year. The egg hunt at grandma's will net tons of chocolate, so what's the point?

The Hungry said...

I was going to post asking everyone what they do for St Patricks but yours will do. So funny. Pinching! Doesn't the little tiny pinch hurt almost as much as the big pinch? I guess not if it brought him to his knees - funny - but poor Sam!

Chocolate is always good - no one is too old for chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I miss you!!

Becky said...

So so so so funny! I've gotten one of your pinches....poor Sam...but what a dummy!

Kim said...

My kids still talk about the leprachaun that nibbled on Becca's sandwich. Becca and Sarah both know about everything else but they still profess to believe in leprachauns.

Anonymous said...