Friday, February 5, 2010

The Green Cargo Pants

Sam has a green pair of cargo pants that he insists on wearing, even though they are atrociously ugly. Not only are the back, bottom part of the legs all chewed up because he walks on them, but now there is a huge hole in the right knee.
The other day after school he was acting like a total toughie, sitting in a chair in my room. And he was talking like Nacho Libre. We were having our daily argument about homework and I think he was trying to spice it up with the accent. He shifted his weight and I heard the knee hole rip bigger.
I looked at him and said, "Those are going in the garbage."
He said, " No, they are not", in his Nacho voice.
"Why do you want to wear such ugly pants?"
(Picture Nacho when he says,"They think I don't know crap about the gospel... But I do.")
Sam said, "Because, they make me feel like I was in a fight... and I won."

The pants went through the laundry and I cut them into shorts and put them away for summer. I'm sure they won't hold the same charm for him.


Jeanna said...

How can you sit through this stuff and not laugh out loud?

Funny, bc Mack hates wearing pants with holes, especially to school. I'm the one saying, they'll last a little longer, please wear them?? :)

Becky said...

What a goof! I'm am insanely jealous that you guys are on your way to Yellowstone, as I type.

There is a heavy wet snow constistanty falling here in Lincoln since yesterday. Hopefully you guys are having clear traveling weather but hopefully you'll have some good snowmobiling powder.

Love you guys!

The Hungry said...

Yay for the shorts

Anonymous said...

"These are my....recreation clothes."

Emily said...

awww, you just have to love those boys!!!

Anonymous said...