Thursday, February 4, 2010

ANSWER - a photo essay

She had her apron on when I picked her up from preschool... I can take a hint.

The "homework boy" was aloud a break for some rolling and cutting.

Making the cookies was almost as fun as eating them.


Jeanna said...

Why is it I am drawn to the diamond shaped ones? Hmmm....they look yumdidlyumptious.

aloud a break? JULIE!!!

The Hungry said...

Yummy! That is so nice of you to do that with her - and Sam the homework boy.

Nathan said...

Yes! That looks so fun! I love the picture you took at counter level and the one where E is holding the diamond shape and the camera was turned....very cute pictures Julie!

Those cookies look SO good! Like 1,000 miles away good!

Nathan said...

That was bad.

Heather said...

Those cookies look like they are straight out of Betty Crocker's kitchen! :)

Anonymous said...