Monday, October 26, 2009

The Earrings

Ok, so no one could see the earrings (mentioned in the St. George post) in the picture, including me. My hair was in the way but it did in fact look like I was wearing hoops. But no, that was just my hair.
So, at the request of Becky, who really should move closer to me someday, here is a picture of them up close. Taken by me. I took about 30 pictures trying to get just one aimed at the ear. This was the one and only. The rest of them were all hair or forehead oddly enough. So this is what you get, and lucky you - there is a great view of my hairy double chin. It's kind of like looking at a billy goat wearing earrings.

Here is a closer look - minus the goatee. Again, taken by me and let me tell you, I was having a hard time. Those dangle-y earrings really dangle so it was a chore trying to take a picture that wasn't totally blurry because it wouldn't stop moving and swaying back and forth. So sorry it is a bit blurry but you get the idea of how cute and gorgeous they are and how fabulous they must look on me, whiskers an all.