Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Did I really just hear that?

I went to the movies with my mom last Thursday. After the lights had dimmed and a hush fell over the theater we all watched a commercial about the new blue ray technology. The commercial was showing a clip with no speaking from the new James Bond movie. All of a sudden my mom says - out loud, "James, what is happening to you?" I sat there stunned for a moment, then I turned to her and confirmed that she was indeed talking to the movie screen from the back row of a crowded theater.

We live in a ward with a lot of town homes, condos, twin homes, and apartments. There is a lot of turnover. On Sunday, the third speaker in Sacrament Meeting started out her talk by stating that she grew up in the ward, but doesn't know many people because, "This ward changes quicker than a dirty diaper." What? Is she saying our ward is crappy?

Yesterday, Sam was telling me about his P.E. class that day. They played a version of dodge ball where there is a group of people in the middle and then two groups on either side. The people on the sides throw the balls and the people in the middle dodge them. If someone in the middle gets hit by a ball then they trade places with the person who threw the ball that hit them. He said he was in the middle and was just walking back and forth not getting hit saying, "Peace y'all!" Then he demonstrated some "groovy moves" (his words) he did while dodging the ball.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Thank you for the good laugh this morning!

I was at the movies the weekend before the election and Swing Vote was playing at the $3 theater. So we went and toward the end of the movie I found myself shouting "I'm Joe the Plumber!" I joke about movie talkers, but that is the first time I've ever done it. I just couldn't help myself! The set-up was too perfect. The audience must have agreed because they all erupted into big laughs. It was a rush let me tell you! That's more excitement than I've had in a month of Sundays I tell ya.

Reno Wells said...

WE are all in tears!!!

Becky said...

Dude, I miss you!

What was mom thinking!?!? She KNOWS better!

Anonymous said...