Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are obsessed!

Yeah, we're obsessed with Frozen!
We watch it daily.
We sing it to each other.
When ever I break into "Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaaan?" Lola cuts right to "Go away Anna!" So I answer with "Okay, bye."
We have even been dressing and doing our hair like Elsa and Anna...Except mine is a Katniss braid, but that is another post.
One night at dinner we even wrote a song about Lola sung to the tune of Fixer Upper from Frozen.
Freak At Supper
Written for Lola
By Matt, Julie, and Sam Johnson
(Sung to the tune of "Fixer Upper" from Frozen)

Is it her hand inside her cup?
Or just the noise that won't let up?
Is it the way she shows her chewed food on her tongue?
She always wants to say the pray,
She said it last time, she don't care,
But you'll never meet a Lola who just really such a treat.

So she's a bit of a freak at supper,
So she's got a few flaws.
A peculiar brother, a crazy mother, a father who is really tall.
So she's a bit of a freak at supper.
But this we're certain of;
You can fix this freak at supper with a big kiss and a hug!

She showed up in her underwear.
She threw tomato everywhere.
And she threatened twice to beat her brother up.
She wore a little salad beard,
And yes, we think she's kinda weird,
But we would never trade her in
for all the money in the world!

She's a bit of a freak at supper,
She's got junk in her hair.
She's a bit of  a freak at supper,
That girl throws her food everywhere!
OH, she's a bit of a freak at supper,
So you should all beware!
She's a freaky girl at supper,
So don't sit down by her chair!


Auntiechris said...

Way to go Julie, Thanks for sharing your creative song about Lola that the whole world can enjoy your sweet daughters antics. Love Chris

Michelle said...


Jeanna said...

Sav and I sang this in the car recently and when she sang "ok, bye" I was seriously crying. I'm ridiculous.

Shauna said...

This is hilarious phenomenon that movie has created is so great. We are truly all living parallel lives as our children and us belt these songs out in the privacy of our own homes. And sometimes not in the privacy of our own homes... :) It's good to hear from you. Take care and hope you are all well,

Shauna xo