Friday, February 4, 2011

The Main Attraction

On Wednesday morning I opened my door to find this on the door step.
Remember this?

Turns out, it was so fooshnicken cold on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that the paint on my front door cracked and fell off. I have searched the web and I can't find a site that will tell me what the temp WAS. Only what it WILL BE. Why is that?
Anyway, this is what the door looks like today and still cracking.
Sam, making a tin foil person.
Pack meeting last month was a talent show. When we got the flier telling Sam to pick a talent and practice, I asked him what he was going to do. He said play a song on the piano and do a dance. I asked what song he was going to dance to. He said Afterlife (by Avenged Sevenfold). I asked if he was going to plan the dance, he said he was going to make it up WHILE he did it. I wasn't surprised.
A few days before the big night he came home from school and told me a poem he had memorized. I suggested he recite it for the talent night. On the big night, he told me he had also decided to make a tin foil person for the show. I said that was fine but to forget the dance. He called his Grandma because, "She isn't going to want to miss this."
She came, and at the Church before the meeting got rolling she asked Sam what talent he was going to do.
Sam: I'm going to play a song on the piano, recite a poem and make a tin foil person.
Grandma: Three? I think you should pick one.
Sam: No, I'm doing all three. I'm going to be the main attraction.
Then he skipped away.
He did a great job on all three.


Meg said...

That happened to the paint on Dave's truck!

Becky said...

What the heck! I can't believe that is happening to your door paint! Ooooo! That would make me even madder if it happened to my car/truck! Sheesh!

I wish I could have seen the main attraction in action! I'm glad I got to see the piano cool! Good job Sam!

Jeanna said...

Harold and I were cracking up at this post (well, the Sam part, not the door part).

Sam did a terrific job and I thought it was ultra cute that he stood right up after his song and smiled right at the camera, big old grin!

I was right about the door! Do I win a prize?

Sandy said...

I'll tell you the funny thing about Sam's three talents. EAch time he left the front of the audience to get his next prop. First the tin foil. Before he could get back to the front they would start to announce the next person and Sam would come running back telling them he was not finished. After the tin foil man he ran back to his mom to give it to her and they started to annoucne the next person. Again he runs up front to say I'm not finished. I felt sorry for the poor kid who had to reestablish himself in front of everyone each time. It was a good night.

Heather said...

Sad to miss the talent show!