Monday, November 29, 2010

Less than 2 weeks to go!

We are super anxious here.
On pins and needles.
Twiddling our thumbs.
Tapping our toes.

Then Sam says, "Mom, what if I accidentally marry a strict wife?"
I guess his mind isn't quite stuck on the same things mine is...


Jeanna said...

Holy Crap, I'm still laughing. That kid is so stinking funny! I love me some Sam!

Oh and Baby Lola, what's the hold up already??? Your mom's been trying to push since month four.

Lilianne said...

COME ON BABY LOLA! Come out!! We can't wait to see her beautiful little face!!

The Breakwell Family said...

Julie! I'm so excited for you that your little girl is almost here! I hope that everything going as well as it possibly can with the labor and delivery. Best of luck!