Thursday, September 16, 2010

Conversations in Costco - Episode 2

Picture us sitting at a dirty "picnic" table with giant hot dogs in a giant warehouse type store.

Me: Sam that guy behind you has a Goonies T-shirt on.
Sam: What does it say?
Me: It says, "Goonies never say die"
Sam: (In a girly voice) I'm not a Goonie.
Me: I dare you to look at him and yell , HEY YOUUUU GUUUYYYSSS!
Sam: (smiles and takes a bite of his giant hot dog)

... A few minutes pass...

Sam: Ok, I'm going to do it!
Sam turns, towards the guy, yells, "HEY YOUUU GUUYYSSS!" in his best Sloth voice. The dude wouldn't even look at him but his wife turned around really fast and gave us a dirty look. Sam and I busted up laughing.
Matt: (looking really uncomfortable) Maybe that guy doesn't feel like being teased about his shirt today.
Me: He shouldn't have worn it then, besides, we aren't teasing him, we are trying to bond with him... He doesn't deserve that shirt.
Sam and I continue to laugh...


Becky said...

AWESOME!!! That guy is definitely NOT a Goonie. What a poser!

Kamity said...

What Becky said! I would've shot his wife a look right back!!

Maybe he was oblivious, like Mark often is. Maybe the wife didn't get it, or maybe she thought Sam was too young to possibly get or appreciate it.

(I was an oldest child born in 1987 ... so I think Goonies is just another silly 80's movie! SAD.)

Becky said...

WHAT!?!? Goonies! "just another silly 80's movie"


Some Kind of THAT is just another silly 80's movie!

Ha ha! Just kiddin' Matt. What I meant to say is Mannequin is just another silly 80's movie.

AW heck! I like a lot of silly 80's movies....I guess I was born in 1979. AND have two older sisters.

Emily said...

That is AWESOME that he actually did it, but totally lame that he didn't even get a reward/response!

Jeanna said...

I'm still laughing. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

That's funny!! I would've loved to be there to witness that.

Sandy said...

When you left you should have bent real close to his hear and whispered, "Dead things Mikey, dead things."

PS. Midnight Madness is just another silly 80's movie.