Thursday, July 15, 2010

This one is for Anj!

I've been called out on facebook, and told it is time for an update. I don't know where my blogging spirit has gone.
We are having a wonderful summer. I no longer have employment, except of two hours a week at the Rec Center Day care, so we are feeling super poor. And hot. We have decided not to turn the AC on this year to keep the electric bill as low as possible. Luckily it has been a fairly mild July... so far. There have been a few days that were hot enough to make me miserable but it has pretty much cooled off every night so far. Sam and I cool off at the Rec pool and the Library.

On July 3rd Matt and Sam went to help Pete and Whitney move. When they came back Sam noticed a large flag stuck in the grass at our neighbors. He asked Matt what it was there for and when Matt told him it was there for the 4th of July, Sam said, "But that's in August." Apparently Sam's momma needs to review the basics of the calendar with him over the long summer break.

Another funny thing I heard from Sam was when he was singing to himself. This is what I heard:
"Shot through the heart,
and your to late,
You give love a band aid."
When I think about it, it makes total sense to give a band aid to someone who's been shot.

Still pregnant! 18 weeks! I am feeling good. Some of my energy has returned, which I am really happy about. Despite having lost 20 pounds, most of my pants are starting to fit very snugly and some of them just plain don't fit. So my constant mantra of "Grow baby, grow!" must be working. We go to the doctor again on the 28th, when we will have an ultrasound and find out if my instincts are right or wrong about this baby being a girl. I'm not hoping one way or the other, I just want healthy, but I still think it's a girl for some reason. I could be wrong, of course, we'll see.

Today is Matt's Birthday! So if you see him wish him a happy day.
Happy Birthday Matty!


AndreaB said...

Yay! I'm so happy you blogged =] And I'm so excited you're still pregnant! And I hope its a girl too! But like you said, as long as the baby is healthy, it doesn't matter!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Love you all!

Emily said...

Grow baby Grow!! So excited for you!

Whitney said...

Yay BABY!!!! I'm thinking girl as well. I can't wait to find out

Becky said...

Boo-ya! Thanks for blogging. Sam is such a weirdo! And that song sung his way does make sense, even though it's wrong. That is a GOOD song, so right or wrong lyrics, Sam is COOL!

Grow baby grow! I'm thinkin' girl too! Can't wait to find out!!!

Hybrid said...

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The Hungry said...

Another Yay here! YAY! So good to get a bit caught up with you. Funny Sam. And Happy Birthday Matt! Love you guys!!