Friday, May 16, 2008


Matt, while balancing the check book, just said, "Do you know what sounds good right now?" (I tried to convince him that Cafe Rio sounds good right now, but he didn't believe me.) So I said, "What?" And He said, "A Krizcanise".

What is a Krizcanise (pronounced Chris Can Niece) you might ask? I'll tell you.

About four or five years ago when Sam was just a little tike, I had plans for something at our house. This was back when we still lived with my parents, so it was probably a Mary Kay party or something of that variety. Anyway, I of course did not want Sam or Matt hanging around the house during this thing that was going on. So I informed Matt that he had to leave and he had to take Sam with him. Sam didn't want to go. He knew something fun was going on at home and he wasn't going to miss it. Matt, using his persuasive voice said, "Well, don't you want a Krizcanise?" Of course, Sam was intrigued. He had never had one before and though he didn't admit it, wasn't exactly sure what a Krizcanise was. But he was convinced that going with dad was going to be worth it.
Before they left I asked Matt what a Krizcanise was and he said he didn’t know but they would soon find out.
It turns out they went to Macy’s grocery store and got a 35 cent ice cream cone, hence forth referred to as a Krizcanise.


Jeanna said...

I krizcanise sure does sound good right, but so does Cafe Rio. That is a pretty dang good made up word if you ask me. Matt should think up a new board game or something using that. Make some serious dough and take his sister to Hawaii (that of course is after he buys a ticket for his lovely wife.)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I agree with Jeanna and the Matt inventing a board game and making lots of money and then taking his lovely wife, his sister and his FAVORITE cousin to Hawaii!!

Becky said...

I love Hawaii too!!! It's WAY better than 35 cent Krizcanise. Althought that does sound good...and so does Cafe Rio!

Anonymous said...