Saturday, March 1, 2008

Book Review - Gilda Joyce Ladies of the Lakeby Jennifer Allison and Big Boned by Meg Cabot (Two posts in one)

Gilda did not disappoint! She is so cute, funny and likeable. She has a psychic adventure in her new school, a private school she gets a scholarship to. When she goes to the school with her mother for a tour, she immediately recognizes that the place is full of secrets and decides then to attend. Her spunky personality and crazy antics contiue at school and home as she tries to run off her mothers boyfriend. The letters to her deceased father seem to play a bigger part in this book than they did in the last. They are still very touching. I highly recommend this book. Go to you local library and check out a Gilda book - They are hilarious.

Big Boned is a book written by the same author as The Princess Diaries. I didn't know this when I picked up the book from the library, but I read it on the inside cover. This book follows a former pop star who now lives an ordinary life - if you can say that being the assistant director of the DEATH DORMS of New York College ordinary. She narrates the story, which ends up being a bit of a mystery, and at first her rhythm is a bit confusing and disconcerting but once you get used to it, it flows nicely. I laughed out loud at several parts of this story. (And sometimes I couldn't stop.) There is quite a bit of sex talk in this book, this is a warning. Overall I enjoyed it.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I've never read any of the Gilda books, I'll have to go check those out! Thanks for the suggestions. I've read a lot of Meg Cabot books and I always like the story in general, but she is excessive in "SEX" talk. I'm ready to go back to the 40's when sex was eluded too, but authors and screen writers weren't slapping you in the face with it.

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